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I’ve been quoted on a system with poles, hoses etc. Will you match it?

Yes. We can supply, not just your system, but waterfed poles, hose reels, hoses, connectors, TDS meters, van ports and everything else you need. Where we don’t supply and exact like-for-like match, we’ll supply an equivalent product which is at least as good or better.


How does it work?

We appreciate that sometimes it can be tempting to save money by opting for a competitor’s non crash-tested system, especially if you’re on a budget. For this reason, we will beat any genuine UK quote. If you’ve had a quote for a system or package deal from a UK company, simply forward it to us […]


What exactly will you beat?

We’ll beat any genuine quote from any UK supplier of waterfed pole systems (eg Pure Freedom, Brodex etc). We only ask that the company actually be a supplier and installer of waterfed pole systems. (Not simply a supplier of a DIY kit for example.)


Do you beat non crash-tested systems?

Yes. We will beat the price of ANY system, whether it is crash-tested or not.


What do you mean by “equivalent system”?

Equivalent system means we will try, as far as possible, to match on a like-for-like basis the system or package you have been offered. For example, if you have been quoted a 600-Litre system with 4040HF5 Reverse osmosis and twin 7-Litre DI vessels, we will be able to match that system almost exactly. (The price […]


Are there substantial differences between Pure2o and other systems?

Actually, yes. Pure2o systems use the same crash-tested chassis as Ionic’s famous Reach & Wash® systems, and so are certified to the FMVSS-208 safety standard, and that’s something that only Ionic and Pure2o machines can offer. Also, we NEVER compromise on the quality of components, and so you’ll often find that we supply a better […]


Will my system be fitted?

Unlike other suppliers, we have a network of six fitting centres so that you won’t have to travel too far. In fact, its unlikely that you’ll have to travel for more than 2 hours to one of our fitting centres. Systems can be currently fitted at Swindon, Brentwood, Bury, Newcastle, Kirkaldy and Redruth.


How can you offer crash-tested systems the same price as non-tested?

We have invested heavily in safety and innovation, and we supply more systems of all types than all of our competitors put together. We also export to over 30 countries. The sheer size of our operation gives us advantages in terms of scale and buying power, and this has enabled us to develop the Pure2o […]


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