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Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Hundreds of people who would never thought of themselves as “business” people are now successfully running their very own professional window cleaning businesses.

So what benefits are there to becoming a window cleaner? Here are just a few;

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Work in The Fresh Air
  • Earn up to £1,000 a week
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Safe – Work from the ground
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Low Stress
  • A Service in High Demand

Some people choose to become window cleaners because the working hours are flexible and allow them to meet other commitments. Some because it’s a straightforward business in which its possible to earn a very good salary. Others choose window cleaning because they are tired of stressful working conditions. Others want a simple business of their own that has low start-up costs and can start earning them an income almost immediately.

Whatever your particular reason might be, The British Window Cleaning Academy is here to help you on your way to becoming a successful window cleaner.

We have helped thousands of people with no previous experience of running a business to get up and running, while avoiding the pitfalls that many new window cleaners fall into.

“I Don’t Like Heights!”

When most people think of a window cleaner, they imagine a man with ladders and a bucket. Some people are put off the idea of window cleaning because they don’t like the idea of going up and down ladders or working at height.

The reality is that modern window cleaners don’t generally use ladders at all any more. In fact, in 2005 new laws were passed that severely restrict the use of ladders, including for window cleaning.

These days professional window cleaners use ladder-less systems that are able to clean windows up to 60 feet high from the safety of the ground.

“Window Cleaning Without Ladders? How?”

If you’ve never seen a ladder-less window cleaning system in action, you could be forgiven for being a little skeptical. Instead of working at height, the window cleaner uses an extending pole with a soft bristled brush to clean the window. At the same time, jets of very pure water rinse the glass.

The poles (known as “Waterfed poles”) are made from a carbon fibre material and are both lightweight and easy to use. Window cleaners using waterfed pole systems are able to clean windows to just as good a standard as with traditional methods.

Using a waterfed pole takes some practice but is not too physically demanding. Unlike traditional methods, there is no heavy lifting required. For this reason, many people who might not have considered themselves suited to window cleaning are now successful window cleaners.

In fact, the advent of the Reach & Wash system has led to a dramatic increase in the number of women choosing window cleaning as a career.

A Service in High Demand

It’s a simple fact that in all areas of The UK good window cleaners are in very short supply. So great is the need for window cleaners that householders regularly report waiting up to ten years before eventually finding a window cleaner who will call regularly.

This, added to the fact that new housing estates are being constructed at an amazing rate, means that new window cleaning businesses usually have no trouble at all in building a solid customer base.

Tim Edsk, a window cleaner from Somerset relates an experience that is typical among those starting up a window cleaning business;

“I was made redundant in March 2006 from my job where I’d worked for over 17 years.

At the age of 42 I really did not know what I was going to do until a friend suggested that there was good money to be made providing a window cleaning service.

“After making a few enquiries I soon found that good window cleaners are very thin on the ground. I had no idea that such a service would be so needed. I trained with the BWCA and later purchased a ladder-less reach & wash system. Within six months I was earning more than my old job with my feet staying firmly on the ground.

“I have never had my own business before, and not having a boss takes some getting used to. Window cleaning is good, honest work. I would recommend it to anyone, and I have no hesitation in saying that because I know there will never be enough window cleaners to satisfy the demand.

“If you’re thinking about doing it but you’re worried about getting enough customers, don’t be. Every day I turn customers away because I simply can’t do anymore work than I am now! If you provide a good service customers will literally flock to you.”

Can Anyone Become a Window Cleaner?

Although running a window cleaning business is quite straightforward, it will help if you:

  • Are physically fit and enjoy reasonably good health
  • Are self-motivated
  • Can communicate well with customers
  • Enjoy working in the fresh air
  • Are reasonably well organized
  • Are able to drive

How Much Does a Window Cleaner Earn?

The amount a window cleaner is able to earn is dependent on many different factors, such as location, how fast they are able to work, their pricing structure and so on.

It is therefore difficult to give an accurate level of earnings. However, it would be fair to say that £20-£30 per hour is a generally conservative estimate for a domestic window cleaner.

To illustrate, an average charge for a 4 bedroom house is about £20, and an experienced window cleaner would be able to complete it in approximately 25 minutes (including setting-up time). There will be time spent travelling (which obviously depends on the individual round), but almost all window cleaners using reach & wash systems are able to quite comfortably turn over at least £200 per day.

Unlike most businesses, window cleaning has extremely low overhead costs and so almost all of the cash earned can be drawn as income. Proper business planning, as with any venture, is very important and there is more guidance on this in our start up guide (use the form below to request it).

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Window cleaning is a straightforward business with low start-up costs, low overheads, and low hassle. It is both profitable and in high demand. If you would like more information on starting up and running your own window cleaning business, please complete the request form below.

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