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About The BWCA

Professional Training and Accreditation For UK Window Cleaners There are upto 180,000 window cleaners in the UK who service industrial, commercial and residential clients. The work of a window cleaner has become increasingly complex in recent years, due in large part to tighter regulation, better equipment and the adoption of specialist techniques (such as abseiling, powered access and water-fed poles)

The British Window Cleaning Academy was founded in 1997 in answer to the training need for professional window cleaners at all levels. The aim has been, not only to enable individual companies to improve their skills, but also to raise the level of professionalism within the industry.

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Recently, The BWCA began its own accreditation programme for professional window cleaners called ClearChoice. This scheme is designed to help building owners and householders to find a professional (and trained) window cleaner.

BWCA Training

Courses at The BWCA cover a wide variety of topics designed to help window cleaners at all levels acquire the skills they need. Candidates acheive compliance in all of the key areas, but training doesn't end there. The aim of the BWCA syllabus is to enable window cleaners grow their businesses and reach the top end of their chosen sector. Training is not only the key to a safer working environment, but also the gateway to a profitable and successful business future.


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