The BWCA Accreditation Scheme

Finding a Good Window Cleaner Just Got Easier Good, professional window cleaners are often difficult to find. How do you know, for example, that a window cleaner has had sufficient safety training? Will the company you choose do the work competently? What methods will they use?

In 2006 The BWCA began its own accreditation program, The ClearChoice card Scheme.

By means of a simple online search facility, it is now possible find a local window cleaning company that has the skills and training needed in order to complete the job safely and competently.


Don't Gamble With Health & Safety

Several recent, high-profile accidents at commercial sites have served to emphasize the need to choose a competent and trained window cleaning contractor. Why take a chance by using untrained firms?

The only way to mitigate liability is to use qualified window cleaners. Safety is good business